This was my final Project for the Comics Class taught by Tom Hart. I tried to use every lesson that was taught throughout the entire year in one way or another.

(Translation at bottom)


Page one 

Panel 1: I am your higher self. I don’t know—probably?

Panel 2: it’s that I don’t have the slightest idea. I didn’t even know you existed until now

All I know is that as soon as I saw you I knew who “you” were. God is depth, length, width and height.


It’s hard to explain… It’s something you have to figure out yourself. I also don’t know that. Sincerely, I’m lost and in a dark place at the moment. Good…that explains how we can be together on this plane of existence.


Could you tell me how you got there?

Page two


As long as we don’t touch each other I think we should be fi-
Last page


And much much more! I’m still dizzy from our trip to the city! Did you go straight to the center? Because I took the long way this time and it was…what? It’s not that I’m happy

The creation and loss of that world affected me too but I think you concentrate too much on what we lost…withered? Now I know you took the short way. I’m telling you to help…you missed out on an opportunity to see and understand that what we gave -our- reflection was something marvelous and…beautiful!



Is what we gave


Is a part of Life

Because of that 

It too is 


And real easy to forget too. That’s why I’m saying it now. We know the same things it’s that you don’t understand what you know.

I’m sorry, I –